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Christine Concepción
Christine Concepción

Christine attended Columbia Business School after having a career on Wall St. Shey learned a lot about finance – both in the classroom and in the trenches at work – but also realized she was in a super privileged environment. This got her to questioning: Why isn’t this financial know-how shared with everyone? Why was it so boring? Why were the words thrown around so big and complicated its like they were DESIGNED to confuse? Why was this info not remotely relatable to everyday life?

Surely there’s got to be a way to teach financial literacy. A way that doesn’t involve sitting in a lecture for hours or spending insane amounts of money on finance degrees. A fun way. A democratized way…

Turns out there is – it’s xipi – and there’s no comma in the price tag.

The saying goes “build the things you wished existed…” Christine did just that. xipi was built because the team wished they had it themselves, right out of high school. And we’re excited to help all of you level the playing field and live your best financial life.

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